Monsoon in Hyderabad : Love it or Hate it?

I just love Hyderabad! Especially, during the months, August to October. It’s just perfect. The cloudy sky, the cool breeze, intermittent rains(as long as they are intermittent). I am not a huge fan of ‘dancing in the rain’! My question to all, who enjoy getting drenched, don’t you guys feel cold? I have never enjoyed the feeling of getting wet. Utmost, I can put on my swimming costume and jump into a pool, but that HAS to be temperature controlled. I cannot get the image of Dia Mirza, dancing in the rain (RHTDM) out of my mind. She gets out of the car, dances with a bunch of kids, at night, wearing white/blue(can’t really make out) and all decked up and then gets inside the car and leaves. What about the car seat? What about the mud. Yuck!


Also, I really don’t know, how is romance supposed to be on my mind, when I am literally shivering. Or, is it that there exists such a place, where the water droplets falling from the sky, are exactly of the same temperature setting of my geyser. Neither too hot, nor too cold. Optimum shower temperature. And the traffic. Don’t even get me started on it! It’s absolutely crazy! Okay, now I am just being a sadist. I have a strict rule about driving. I don’t drive when it rains! So, it’s actually good. It takes twice the time to travel whenever it rains. So I exhaust my playlist during the entire trip. Rains work for me just fine.


The thing I love about the monsoon is, the guilt free sleep extensions. It’s so dark and cool, even at 8:00 a.m that a little stretch-sleeping is allowed! Also, no A.C running continuously, so lesser the electricity bills 😉

Places to avoid strictly are the malls and outdoor seating diners. Although, Olive Bistro would be the perfect setting, for a romantic date, you never know, when the rain gods would conspire against you.

I love the rainy season, as long as I have a cup of steaming hot tea in my hand, a newspaper and some onion pakodas with a lovely view. As long as I am not dragged outside, I am happy. So, in short, I am an indoor-person-when-it-rains!

P.S : Do not forget your umbrellas!

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