Why I loved TVF Pitchers!!

If you are someone, who doesn’t know what TVF Pitchers is, please close your eyes and walk towards the wall. When you have hit yourself hard enough, get back to your system and watch the episodes on youtube. I am a huge huge fan of these guys. To think of, that most of them are IITians and such talented actors! Slow Clap…

I think, Arunabh Kumar should actually write his own biography and that would inspire enough people! In fact, all of them should. My personal favorite is Saurabh Mandal. That guy can be the next superstar! How I wish that the first season inspires more engineers to become entrepreneurs, and hope I got the spelling right 😉

So here it goes.. This is why you should definitely watch TVF Pitchers!

  • All or Nothing : I think of a new idea, everyday! And I do nothing about it. It’s so inspiring to see how all four of them believe in an idea and start working towards their dream. There’s no part time thingy here. All it takes is a phone call and four brains come together to build a company. I guess, this is what dreams are made of. I wish I had the guts to let go of my 9-5 job and pursue a dream like them.
  • Do not fear failure : That moment when Naveen says that only if they try setting up a company, they would know what’s in store for them. Love that part! And how a single sms makes Yogi quit. That’s the kind of faith, I think every entrepreneur should have in mind. Also who cares about how entrepreneur is spelt!
  • The toss : The perfect way to know what your heart actually wants! It was an epic scene. Making decisions can be so damn difficult. Whoever came up with the toss thing, AMAZING!
  • Soulmates : Naveen and Jeetu, both have the perfect partners! Both of them are supportive and I love the way Soumya stands up to her father in law, in Jeetu’s defense. Arranged/Non-Arranged, doesn’t matter.
  • Tu Beer hain : This dialogue is definitely not leaving us anytime soon!
  • Women Entrepreneur : Although subtly put, there are scenes in one episode, where we see a couple of women entrepreneurs. That’s how it is. We do see a lack of women entrepreneurs. Wonder why.
  • The team : Their friendship, their belief in each other. The way their share a dream. And the scene where Jeetu ends up breaking the sytems! Epic! They stand for each other, no matter what!So guys, just go ahead and watch it! It’s inspiring to the core. It’s fresh. It’s real (although,I am still unsure as to how they end up with the funding after Mandal’s speech, Bollwoodish much?)

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