Places to go on a date in Hyderabad!

Living in the same city, for long, can be quite rewarding! And when you love the city, you are an expert! Well, I am no Zomato, but I am great at giving free advice. August in Hyderabad is lovely, so the romantic weather today, made me wanna write this.. SO, gear up to propose and fall in love at these amazing haunts :

OTM : Over the Moon in Jubilee Hills, is my favorite. If you want to have a quiet time, avoid the weekend. The view is amazing as is the food. Saturday Nights are absolutely crazy! If you belong to the ‘Party Hard’ group, you have to be there. Great place, superb ambiance.

Budget : High

Eat-Street : Foul smell alert. Although I feel that this is the only place in Hyderabad, where you can spend a lot of time. Head to the Necklace road at sunset. Just as it’s about to get dark, head to Eat Street, where you can eat your heart out. It’s Hyderabad’s own version of Marine Drive!

Budget : Happy

Fusion 9 : Amazing ambiance and a very classy affair! If the person you are about to date, loves sushi and can die for good Alfredo Pasta, then you should definitely try this place. Jonathan’s Kitchen is a tough competition to this place.

Budget : High

Tim Tai : The new Asian deli is a perfect blend of classy and relaxing. You can let your hair down and eat good food here. Definitely an 8/10.

Budget : Average

Olive Bistro :  Do not wear shorts when you go to Olive. Mosquitoes will rip you apart. Otherwise, the most happening place in the entire city. Sexy crowd, loud music and lovely drinks! The food is awesome too!

Budget : High

Komatose : The recently launched pub, is the only pub in the extended Hitech City. The club is classy. Good day to head to Komatose would be a Thursday(Ladies Nights)

Budget : High

Kaficko : Kaficko has this Parisian feel about it, Its white and blue and beautiful. If falling in love involves a picturesque cafe, this just might be it!

Budget : Average

Ruci & Idoni & 1857 : Ohris can seldom go wrong with food. These two places are no exceptions. 1857 is airy and beautiful. It is a theme restaurant. R & I has excellent food. Good conversations definitely involve good food.

Budget : Above Average

Coco’s : The oldest and the most popular roof top pub in Hyderabad. Coco’s is known for its ambiance and Live Music. Good place to hang out, especially in the evenings.

Budget : Average.

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