My fitness goals – long term!

Are you one of those people, who plan to hit the gym, everyday and never turn up? At least I am. I need someone to motivate me constantly when it comes to fitness. If I manage to go for a morning walk at 7 o clock in the morning, one fine day. There’s 100% chance that I would not do it the next day! Also I need results really fast. So, to keep me focused, this time I want to have it in writing 😉

  1. Quit smoking: Once and for all. Not even a single puff. Not even when I drink a beer and everyone around me goes out for a smoke. I have already started working on this goal and have successfully completed a week. Woohoo! How I did it, would be covered in another post.
  2. Start exercising: Just for five minutes, but yes. That would make a difference. I am dying to start the 30-days-ab challenge. I will definitely be posting a before and after pic. Let’s hope that the results are great!
  3. Have breakfast. So, my usual day begins at 8:30 am. And then I rush to have a mug of green tea, followed by a cup of decaf black coffee. Then I laze around, read the newspaper, pack the lunch boxes and start getting ready. By 10:30, we are always rushing out. I have to include breakfast in our schedule. Weekends are worse. We go to bed at 3 am and then eventually wake up at 12:30 pm the next day. This has to stop!
  4. Have dinner before eight : I generally follow this rule, quite diligently. But back to back vacations and birthday celebrations threw me off the routine. From today, I’ll make sure to finish off my dinner early.
  5. Healthy Snacking : I think I need to stop gorging on that packet of lays, every time I’m hungry. I will replace the snacks with other healthier options.

So these are my body goals for now! Share yours and don’t forget to post your before-after pics!



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