Hyderabad welcomes a healthy food joint – Indiblaze!

I am a sucker for healthy food. But, I understand that healthy food has serious taste limitations. Even when I try to cook something nutritious, it ends up tasting bland and horrible. So, when I got an invite to a food tasting event, hosted by a restaurant which served unconventional and healthy meals, I was elated and a bit apprehensive, at the same time. I wanted this place to be good! I wanted this place to make me fall in love with it! And well, it did!

When two super talented chefs come together and launch a restaurant, it is bound to make a lot of noise, good noise. Most of us are familiar with Chef Sanjay Thumma of VahChef. He has over eight lakh followers on you-tube. And Chef Vikram brings with him an experience of over twenty five years. After we were seated, Chef Vikram came over to our table to explain the idea behind the whole place. He spoke elaborately about the balanced nutrients in each bowl, they serve and the exhaustive procurement process of the few rare ingredients. Moving on to the food!

The options are limited, but permutations are high! Ordering at Indiblaze is a three step process.

  1. Select the meal type : edible bowl, wrap or bigger bowl.
  2. Select the rice, meat, veggies and sauce.
  3. Top it with guacamole or sour cream or both.img_20160922_211403

The display was neat and self explanatory. There was quinoa, basmati and raw rice with millets in the carbs section. All three tasted great. The quinoa was perfectly cooked. There were two versions of the mushroom. One was flavored with a little bit of mustard and it made a hell lot of difference in taste. There was chicken and lamb, both of which looked grilled and healthy and tasted superb. I am not over-selling it, when I say that the mutton was mouth-wateringly tasty. It wasn’t very spicy and not too much garlic-y. I hate it when there’s too much ginger and garlic, in the recipe. The guacamole was fresh and nicely blended. The lemon and tomato didn’t dominate the taste of avocados and that is something very important. The salsa dip was good too. Loved the sour cream topping as well. The edible bowl is a new concept and I quite liked the taste of it with the entire meal. We also tried the kebab roll, which is very filling. Half of the roll is enough for a person. The Indipizzas are actually quesadillas, with a choice of the same stuffing. They use whole-wheat tortillas, which is an added advantage.

I hope that they increase the number of beverages. We tasted kokum, pulpy grape and mango lassi. All of them were freshly made. The mango lassi was more like a mango milk shake, but we loved it!

We had an amazing time dining at Indiblaze. Also, because the entire group is crazy and its fun to hangout with people who love to eat! I hope that this place gets what it deserves. It’s high time that we start venturing into healthier food options without compromising on the taste. I am lucky that my office is at a stone throw’s distance from this place. I know what to eat now, whenever my cook decides to bunk! 😉


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