A Punjabi Affair with Punjab Grill!

Being a hardcore non-vegetarian myself, I have a love-love relationship with Punjabi food and drinks, especially their Paitala peg! I love the fact that punjabi food is all about the richness and tradition and ghee and makkhan! Also the names ooze out love, the sheer love for food! Take for example the usual nomenclature of Punjabi cuisine, Tandoori, Lababdar, Makkhanwala, Amirtsari! Don’t they sound delicious and don’t even get me started on the portion size. Just let me tell you that it’s not for the weak stomach-ed!




It’s been a month since it’s launch and Punjab Grill has already managed to stir up quite an interest among the food lovers, in Hyderabad. They say, ‘A well begun is half done’, and Punjab Grill already achieved it when they threw a grand launch party to make their presence felt. There’s a huge board outside informing you that  “The doors are open” and inviting you to join in. I was a part of a bloggers-meet, arranged on a weekday and let me tell you that the place was full. Please be sure to book a table in advance. As soon as you step in you see that the tables are nicely spaced and the decor is quite warm. I was a bit late, so headed straight to the starters. I tasted a ‘Pina Colada’ like drink which had pineapple and coconut and it tasted quite good, not overtly sweet.

They stayed true to ‘Punjab’ in the name while deciding the portion size. It’s huge! This is what we had on our table :

Amritsari Fish : Properly marinated salmon, with the right amount of spices.

Amritsari fish


Chicken Tikka : It isn’t a great place to eat Punjabi food, unless they make the best chicken tikka and according to me, Punjab Grill has definitely mastered this art!

Chicken Tikka


Lamb Chops : They lamb chops were huge. I have tasted better lamb chops, but I like the way the Indian spices were used in the marination-masala.

Lamb Chops


Veg Kurkure : This one is a version of the cheese poppers, only slightly longer. Loved the taste.

Veg Kurkure



Dahi Kebab : Punjab Grill served the best version of this dish. I have tasted it twice at two different places, but I mean it that theirs was the best.

Dahi Kebab

Broccoli  : The malai broccoli had the right blend of cream and spices. It wasn’t bland and had the crunchiness of the broccoli, intact.

Malai Broccoli

Daal Makhni : There’s a little tomato puree or something, which was missing yesterday. I am a huge daal makhni fan and I understand the amount of effort that goes behind making it. But we were also told that theirs is a different version of the daal makhni. I hope I grow a liking towards their version too.

Daal Makhni

Paneer Lababdar : Paneer tossed in red tangy gravy. Loved, loved, loved it. This one was the best of the lot. A right blend of onions and tomatoes gave it a sweet, tangy taste.

Butter Chicken : I generally don’t like the tikka version of this dish. Somehow the pieces become hard and the gravy tastes completely different from the meat. The gravy was good. The chicken can be cooked a little less to keep it soft.

Butter Chicken

Litchi Tehari : This one was an interesting dish. Litchi served with a bowl full of rabdi, is a brilliant idea from the start. It tasted brilliant too, wasn’t too sweet.

Gulab Jamun : An option, alright. But you can give it a miss and go for the other desserts, instead.

Phirni : They got it right, absolutely. Again, one of the best phirnis I’ve had. Not too sweet but perfect.

The menu was exhaustive and the food was excellent. I would specially like to thank Bhargavi, for being such a beautiful host! Dining is a completely different experience when you get to eat with people who love food, as much as you do! And that’s what happens at Blogger meets!

Punjab Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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