Pause. Rewind. Realise. Relive with love.

I don’t know what triggered it. Maybe a the passing away of a close friend’s father or the news that my best friend’s grandmother is no more, but something hit me. Like a sudden wave of realisation. I somehow realised that I don’t talk to my parents that often; or even meet them as much I would have liked. Maybe, it’s because now I am this “employed professional”, who never seems to have enough leaves, like ever. But deep down, I know it’s not the truth. Honestly speaking, I would rather save leaves to go for a holiday to say, Goa or Andamans, but not for going home. Why is it so, I wonder.

Our parents are the reason we are on this planet and we should never ever forget that. They made several sacrifices and moulded us into what we are today. Let me ask you, how many of us realise that, if not every moment, once every day? Why is it that we are so engrossed in our own lives, we somehow stop thinking about what they would be doing at this moment, or what they would have eaten. Why is it that somehow after we grow up, and leave our homes to further our careers, even talking to them everyday, sometimes feels like a duty but not a thing of our liking?

I, being the youngest in my family, am the most pampered and spoilt among my siblings. My parents and my family are the pillars that make me “ME”, but I have never expressed this to them. Again, I wonder why is it so. Is it because, being young and restless, I have always taken them for granted or know for a fact that they will always be there to catch me or back me up, if and when I fall? Or is it that I cannot fathom a time when I will be there, and they won’t be around?


But dawning of this sudden realization made me think that they will never outlive me. Being the youngest, there is a high probability of me outliving all of them. And I DO NOT like this fact. How many of us consciously consider this? Or rather, how many of us are prepared for it, when it comes? I, for one, can never ever be prepared.

Movies, like Baghban and several others, along with numerous shows that portray sons/daughters/parents as “evil” make me wonder if any son/daughter/parent could be that cold or heartless, for whatever the reason it might be. But then again, how am I different? What am I doing that is making me different? Staying far away from home, trying to build a career, making weekly calls to my parents, talking to my sisters once in a while, going home during some festival or when I need a break, what exactly am I doing to show my love to them? How will they know that deep down I would give up my life for them?

So, today, here I am, taking a solemn oath to myself that I will do my best to project and express my love to them and be there for them. I will start listening to all my mother’s complaints about the housemaid, I will start emotionally blackmailing my father to eat and stay healthy, I would go visit my eldest sister in the UK (after saving enough leaves that is) and I will let my other ‘stalker’ sister to stalk me to her heart’s content and shower her with gifts (she is a tad bit materialistic! 😉) And I will start caring. And I will start loving. And I will start expressing!  How many of you are ready to do the same?

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