An ode to the thing called LOVE….

As I gaze outside the window, staring at the falling snow,

A picture starts forming, somewhere at the back of my mind.

I don’t know how, I don’t know why, I don’t know where to search to find-

A feeling so strong, so pure, a feeling that is a definite cure,

To the pains that the heart may suffer, the tears that the eyes may shed,

A touch, that stays in the soulless bosom, longer after that I am dead.

To find, a vision of the aeons to come, the beauty of the feeling of my soul coming alive, my body going numb,

As I ponder o’er these longings that the heart desires, thoughts clustering in to form a collage,

My minds sorts through the journey of life, the meaningless instances, all nothing but a mirage-

And then it stops, at a face, that of an angel in guise, one that makes my heart stops, every time I realize,

That, the guileless connections, the disguised fellowships, the tainted and hollow promises matter no more.

All those memories, which prick the heart, all those pains that reach my soul, right to the core.

All’s surreal, all’s worth no care, because I have that angel, with whom I share,

The dance of the merry heart, the beat of its rhythm, the bond of a lifetime, the beauty of love.

The trickle of passion, the purity of worship, the joy of being blessed, from the heavens above.

Our destinies entwined, embraced and conspired, and did not lose hope, nor got tired,

Fate, they call it, I am sure, she helped, not once not twice, but till we fell,

Madly in love, in a whirlwind of emotions, the clarity of which none but us can tell.

I promise my love, to be by your side, till my last breath with the relief that I tried,

To give you the love, the happiness you deserve, to make it up to u for the wrongs life did to you,

For it’s you, my love, my angel in guise, the divine deity, the reason I started my life anew.

Oh no, my love, no time, no force, no amount of the numerous disheartening closed doors,

Will pry us apart. No, we won’t give up, no, we won’t break down, we will be together till the last of our breath.

And even then I promise we wouldn’t be far, for we will re-unite again, even in the pool of death.


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