Playboy Beer Garden : Love it or love it!

Playbor Beer Garden! The name’s just enough to pull all your attention and make you drag your body inside. Picture this, an amazing band, a pseudo rooftop ambiance and playboy magazine covers all around! What’s not to love! And the LIIT!  Haven’t come across a more generous place in recent times.

I went to Playboy Beer Garden, on a Friday, as a part of a group of food bloggers. We call ourselves the Foodie Squad and we kinda bring the club down! This place serves amazing food. That is a fact. I tasted the LIIT and it was heavenly with good amount of alcohol. It wasn’t too sweet! I stuck to wine for the rest of the evening. The chicken wings had layers of flavor and was tender. The chicken satay on the other hand was a bit too dry. I didn’t find it that appealing to my taste buds, but eyes did find it pretty!

The prawn starters and nachos were impressive. The fish tikka stole the show and is an absolute ‘must-have’! The dips tasted real good! We ordered pizza as well. Now, a place like Playboy, would never screw up pizza, right? Bingo! It was one flawless pizza!

For a lounge, Playboy, surprisingly presents an array of desserts to you! The cheesecake was amazing. I was too full to taste the other desserts but by the end of it, let me assure you that nothing was left!

The cheesecake! 
Pure Love!

The name, Playboy, is enough to draw crowd for the next as many years, as it wants to serve! It’s a lovely place to hang out. And yes, the women get to wear a bunny band too 😉

We, the bunnies!


Playboy Beer Garden Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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