May the Spice of Malaka shine bright!


Malaka Spice has an intriguing name and thanks to Piyush, for deciphering it for us. Malaka Spice is one of the best Asian restaurants, in Pune. The newly opened branch in Hyderabad is one of the best looking places, the city has. The USP of the place is it’s location. There’s natural rock formation along one side of the restaurant, which gives it a resort-kinda feel. A huge(I mean it!) bungalow has been converted into a¬†restaurant with a seating capacity of over 300! Can you imagine! I so wish to go back in the evening, pretty soon, to see how the place looks.

The first thing you notice, when you enter, is the rickshaw, adorned with colorful flowers(of course fake) and a huge antique model ship. They have used very simple objects to make the interiors look ‘not-too-made-up’. Paper lanterns, candles, fresh flowers and quirky cushions is what this place is all about. I loved the way the bright colors were¬†used, such that they didn’t¬†clash but just accentuated each others’¬†effect! Every wall was¬†different and I am in love with the chandelier, they put up near the stair case! Kudos to the decorator!

Moving on to the food. Piyush was a wonderful host and by the end of the meal, we were so stuffed that we could hardly move. We were a group of four who ate double of what we can actually eat! All thanks to the hospitality! We started off with the¬†Malaka Thai¬†Iced¬†tea¬† which was served with lemon grass dipped in it. It tasted sweet, then sour and the fragrance of lemongrass did wonders! I’m definitely not a fan of mocktails, but loved this one. I might even choose this over a cocktail, next time I visit(once their liquor license is in place). We tasted five variants of soup, my favorite being Madurasi. Tom Kha was one of the best ones I’ve had in Hyderabad. The roast pumpkin bamboo soup was surprisingly the star! Surprising because, all four us were hardcore non-vegetarians, fighting it out to have a sip of this fairer one! Pho Chiru is the one I would like¬†to try again. It was spicier than the Madurasi and had some generous amount of tender mutton pieces. But Madurasi had a stronger flavor of turmeric which I fell for! I loved it!

Top Hats
Top Hats
Mutton Chops!
Pumpkin fritters
Curry Leaf Prawns!!
Lotus Stem Tango
Prawns again! ūüôā
Nasi Goreng
Pahd Thai!
Labour curry
Curry Capitan
Jaala Roti

Piyush made sure that we tasted most of the starters and a major thanks to him! Loved ¬†the tangy lotus stem fry. Top hat is an interesting concept and tasted great! Small hats with minced meat stuffed in them. Cute, right? The momos could have been made better as I felt that the minced meat was very tightly packed. The top layer was easy to cut but the filling gave a sausage-y feel. Loved the¬†Pumpkin chips,¬†definitely a must try! Funny, how Malaka Spice made sure that I loved the vegetarian starters! Murtabak left me wanting for more of it! Mutton Chops need to be perfected a little. It wasn’t the best version of lamb chops. The first batch was a tad bit under-cooked and the second batch wasn’t marinated properly. I might give them a second chance to impress me. Moving on to the prawns. Best thing about the prawns that they served was, ¬†they were cooked so well and that they did not use the frozen ones. It’s a prawn-heaven, out there! I was too full for main course, but had to try the jaala roti as it looked so damn pretty! Loved it with the ‘Kari Kapitan’¬†gravy. Be ready to use your hands to mix the jaala and gravy and you can thank me later!

The walnut brownie was my favorite among the desserts! The coconut roll served with coconut ice-cream was too coconut-y for my taste buds!

Brownie! Yeah!
Date and Coconut roll

I wouldn’t suggest Malaka Spice if you are a typical ‘fast-food’ person to whom only the food matters. Malaka Spice is a sort of experience you can’t just miss. Go there with your date for a candle light dinner or a relaxing weekend lunch. Enjoy the surroundings, look around and then focus on the¬†Inspired South East Asian cuisine!¬†And yes, you are welcome!

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