Mocha Bar, baar baar…. New Place Alert

There are very few restaurants which impress me as much as Mocha Bar did. There is something special about every ‘Social’ and ‘Anti-social’ and you are sure to notice a certain charm as you walk inside this place too. Mocha bar is a part of the same group as original ‘Social’ and hence the positivity all around! The ambiance is blend of warm, cozy and classy. I specifically loved the outdoor ‘live-music’ area. I loved the bar so very much that I landed at the same place the next day too! And yes, I mustn’t forget to mention the ‘Rasmalai Cheesecake’ which is by far, one of the best desserts I’ve ever tasted!

We were seated promptly and one thing I must mention about the staff at Mocha is that every one is super attentive, well informed and polite. From the head chef to the server, everyone knew exactly wat the drink/dish was made with. Moving on to the starters, chicken wings was my favorite! The malai chicken legs would be a close second. I had never tasted the drumstick version of the malai tikka and let me tell you it was amazing. The chicken was perfectly cooked and it wasn’t too bland, which is generally an issue with the malai tikkas. The ‘Nachos Grande’ had generous amount of cheese in it and made me super happy! For main course, I tried the non vegetarian dishes on display. The nalli nihari and rogan josh had super soft mutton pieces which were almost melting in the mouth. The baked mac and cheese needed a little rework as there was something missing. Sometimes the simplest of recipes disappoint you, but just a little bit.

The milkshakes, especially the hot chocolate were very very impressive. The portion size is huge and it is worth it! And the ‘Rasmalai Cheesecake’ is everything dessert dreams are made of. Hats off to the chef! I do not really have words to describe how it tastes. It’s gonna haunt you, for sure.

Now coming to the most favorite part of the evening. The drinks! They have the hugest LIIT and if you finish just one drink, you will be sorted! The jaali whisky, the spicy vodka and the LIIT were my favorites! What I loved most about the place is, the VFM factor.

If you don’t go to this place within a month, you will have to wait a month to get a table 😉 Thank you Mocha for coming to Hyderabad and giving us an amazing place to chill! Can’t wait to go back! And did I mention the ‘Rasmalai Cheesecake’??

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