Holy Basil, Radisson Blu Plaza, Hyderabad.

Okay, so I am pretty sure, like a hundred percent sure about the fact that I was an Asian in my past life. When I say Asian, I mean more towards the eastern part of the continent Asian. And only that can explain my love for Pan Asian cuisine. Be it Vietnamese Pho or Kung Pao chicken or Thai green curry with jasmine rice or Indonesian rice cake. I love everything. I can’t say the same about Indian cuisine with so much conviction. So, my theory seems to be quite a fact. Enough about me, moving on to the restaurant which everyone has been talking about. They have a revamped menu, revised prices and so much more to offer! Holy Basil is like an Asian gastronomical temple. The ambiance is so soothing and relaxing, that it didn’t feel like a weekday in there.

So, as soon as we were seated, Jasmine tea was poured into our cups and I might have had more than fifteen cups of the tea that day. Loved the flavor and the subtle fragrance and also the temperature at what it was served. It complimented the entire meal beautifully. Next the hors d’oeuvres were served which looked even better than they tasted. They were mainly palate cleansers and my personal favorite was the watermelon-cucumber salad. The appetizers were so well plated that I didn’t even feel like touching them but they did taste refreshing. Liked the crispy prawn wafers as well.

Soon, we were swamped by a wave of starters which just kept coming! The lotus stem in honey chilli sauce, the Tofu Haisin and the spinach and bamboo-shoot dimsum were few of the vegetarian starters that we tasted. I am not a tofu  person because of the aftertaste but still enjoyed this version of it. The vegetarian bao was something I wasn’t a fan of. The filling tasted good but the covering was too dry for my liking. I like the sweeter buns more as they compliment the filling well.The dragon maki and the avocado sushi are must haves at Holy Basil. Exceptionally delectable sushis! The prawn dimsums and the crispy lamb are two dishes which I would rate 5/5 as they were perfect. Generally, the crispy mutton is a bit chewy but Holy Basil’s version of it is so juicy that I am actually going to dream about it today! Also the miso soup and the khao suey deserve a round of ovation. The flavors were right, so right! Sometimes the coconut milk can be too overwhelming when it comes to thai cuisine. But luckily, this place serves such amazingly balanced food that I can’t wait to go back. If only, this place was located in hitech city! 😦

I was almost full by this time but tasted the Jasmine rice and green curry. The consistency of the curry, the flavor, the soft chicken pieces and the smell ! It was perfect! I definitely believe in food that tastes good!

Tub Tim Krub deserves a separate paragraph! It tasted so so good! I don’t know who conceived this dish, but that person has to be a genius! Sweetened coconut milk with gummy bear kind, jelly-like, chewy, syrup infused water chestnut chunks! Genius! It tasted heavenly!

Dining at Holy Basil was like a mini vacation and I can’t wait to go back! And yes I dined with some amazing people. All thanks to Vishal for the invite. And yes don’t forget to try the Tub Tim Krub!!!

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