24 hours in Mumbai! The Global Citizen Festival

I saw COLDPLAY perform live on stage. I can die peacefully now, so peacefully. Global Citizen Festival fulfilled forty thousand dreams and more! I still get goosebumps when I actually think about it! I saw Shah Rukh Khan! The Shah Rukh Khan! I love him, just love him. And then A.R. Rahman sang ‘Vande Mataram’ with Chris Martin! I don’t know who or what to thank more? My stars, global citizen or the internet or my habit of being glued to the social media.. 😀

Chris Martin!!!!!!


I think I fell in love with COLDPLAY in the year 2011. I know, too late into the game, but who said love is directly proportional to the time spent drooling over your love? When I first started the Global Citizen journey, I never thought we would end up going to Mumbai, to attend the concert! Eighty thousand people! Only Mumbai can host an event so so huge and be cool about it! Mumbai is a beautiful city and everybody looks and dresses amazingly well. How? That I do not know. The best part is that I got to attend the festival with my husband and my sister! Yes, she won the passes too! Well, what do I say, we are two very lucky sisters 😉


The Global Citizen Festival was held at the  Mmrda Grounds, Bandra Kurla Complex. We had booked the Orchid Hotel near Vila Parle, very close to the airport. The rooms were pretty basic. I loved their sunday brunch! The desserts on display were mindblowing!

So the Orchid and the MMRDA Ground is pretty much what we covered in the twenty four hours we spent in the dream city! Can’t wait to go back, though!

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