Vapour Brew Pub – Hyderabad

Hyderabad’s brewery scene is at it’s best phase right now and who’s complaining you ask, no one! My weekend trips to Bangalore used to be all about the brew pubs there. Vapour is the new entrant in the Hyderabad brewery sector and it’s their third venture in the country. My recent visit to the pub impressed me and how! The microbrewery is huge and divided into three levels. We chose to sit at the top-most level which also has the rooftop seating area and a huge screen projecting cricket for the IPL lovers!

I was invited for a review session with a crazy group of bloggers (crazy is definitely an understatement) and I loved the food. From their own brew, they served us the wheat, IPA, Stout and Blonde. I am not an expert at beer tasting, nor do I enjoy beer with all my heart. But yes, given a choice, I would vote Blonde the best and IPA the least, the latter had a strong bitter aftertaste. But again, I am not an expert here.  The molecular B52 was crazy and seeing the bartender make it, was crazier! I am definitely downing it every time I visit Vapour! They need to work on the cocktails though. I tasted the aam panna and LIIT. The LIIT was very low on alcohol and wasn’t impressive.

Moving on to the most important part, food. The chef is an amazing guy and a very interesting person to converse with. The food rides high on the new fad of molecular gastronomy. We were served :

Starters : Onion Rings, Mushroom Duplex, Palak Patta Chat, Corn and Cheese bites, Chicken 65, Chicken lollipop, Buffalo wings, Galawati kebab and Prawns Tempura! Whoa! It was so surprising for me to see a pub serve such amazing, lip-smacking food! The highlighted ones were the ones worth a try when you choose to hit the place! The onion rings weren’t bland yet crispy. My favorite was the Prawns Tempura, crispy enough, not chewy and perfect seasoning.

Chilly Chicken served with fried veggies
Corn and Cheese bites
Keema Pav
Chicken 65
Galawati Kebab

Main Course : Thai Veg curry, Atta Chicken, Grilled fish.  The atta chicken is an absolute must-have. The marination was perfect and the meat was super soft! Loved it. The grilled fish was another outstanding dish.

Green Thai curry
Atta Chicken

Dessert : There was this frozen caramelized pop-corn which is the coolest dish ever! Have it to experience it! The blueberry cheesecake tasted decent enough. I am not a huge fan of blueberry as I find it to be too sweet. But if you have a sweet tooth, go for this!

The ambiance is cozy and classy. The music system definitely needs an uplift but overall Vapor has everything to make your evenings the best part of your day! Go there just to  unwind and relax and have fun!

Vapour - Brew Pub Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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