EzyCook : Ready to cook recipes – A review

I am a Gemini and I love to be actively lazy. I feel I am too lazy to cook, only all the time! But when I do cook, I tend to enjoy. And yes I am the reigning Master-Chef of Oracle, Hyderabad! Can you believe it! I might actually be talented in the area. Same goes with partying. I love to go out but then there are days where I want to be home, read a book or watch a series and binge eat five packets of lays! Before I confuse you further, let’s just say routine stuff bores the hell out of me. So, I cannot cook everyday or even five days. Well, who am I kidding. Two days a month sounds like a deal.

Initially, the thought of cooking at home on a weekend, to review the cooking kit by EzyCook seemed like a tiresome job. But, I can proudly say that I did it and actually had fun! I am sure to make my husband cook it the next time I order from the site. The best thing about Ezycook is that the recipes were very easy. And the ingredients were limited. So I did not lose interest mid-way. Also, the spice level was optimum and the time mentioned in the instructions was appropriate. Timing is very important, especially with prawns because a minute of over cooking might make the prawns rubbery and chewy.

I wanted some easy recipes which wouldn’t be too time consuming. So, Shashank, the owner, decided to send Prawns Masala and Chicken Tikka. Now, the latter would have tasted way better had I used a barbecue grill to cook it. But the the curry tasted perfect! The packaging is neat and hygienic. I had asked him for a pack which would serve two people and the quantity was enough, actually more for the two of us. The instructions are simple. If you are in Hyderabad, do try these easy to cook recipes out. Here are the pics from when I got to be a chef at home!

                                              Voila!! It was done in 7 easy steps!!

Chicken Tikka in progress!

At the end, I would just like to say that if I can cook, anybody can! Thank you EzyCook! The next time my in-laws are in town, I know what to do! 😉 😉

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