Ladies Night in Hyderabad : When and Where?

Hello you beautiful people. So, almost every other day I get a message from someone, asking about the best places to party in Hyderabad or which club is hosting a ladies special night on that day. So I thought of consolidating the information and putting it up at one place! You are welcome, awesome people!

Here’s  a snapshot of the places which host a ladies special night in Hyderabad :


Block 22

Here are the links from zomato for easy look-up :

Cuba Libre : A decent club in Banjara Hills with excellent music system and a great dance floor. 
Cocktails : I love it when DJ Piyush plays there but unfortunately he is the only good thing about the club.
Kismet : Situated inside the Park, this club is most happening on Fridays when they play bollywood music. Post the party, you can also unwind for a while at the rooftop lounge (Aqua).
Playboy Club : Umm.. If crowd is your thing, this is the place to be. But definitely one of the best clubs in Hyderabad to dance your heart out(claustrophobic peeps, stay away!)
HCC Begumpet : This place used to be the most happening club, five years back. I haven’t been there since the renovation, but from the reviews it looks like it is the place to be!
SKYHY : SKYHY used to be a good place to party but lately the place doesn’t seem to be well maintained. Also, the crowd gets creepier as the night progresses.
10D Begumpet : One of the oldest and best clubs of the city! Wednesday night is when you should dress up and hit this spot!
10D Gachibowli : 10D really needs no introduction. It gets super crazy on ladies nights. One of the best dance floors in the hi-tech city!
Pine and Dine : This place is more of a laid-back lounge than a club. It looks beautiful in the evenings and LIVE music is a plus!
Komatose : One of my favorite places to hit on a weekend, especially for the Saturday drunch. Excellent drinks and great food!
Spoil : One of the oldest clubs in Hyderabad. It has a decent dance floor and a good music system. The crowd can get a little weird, though.
Social Monkey : Right in the heart of hi-tech city is this cozy club. They do not have a dance floor but their drinks make up for that!
Troy Purple HazeLiquids , Riot FClub are a few more places which host a special night for the PYTs.

Shots! Shots! Shots!

Apart from these, BLOCK 22 , Hylife , OTM, Air Cube and Free Flow have great dance floors. Free Flow and Olive Bistro host special sun-downer on Sundays! The Lal Street is my current favorite place to party. The place is jam packed even on a Monday! So where’s the party tonight, pretty woman? And yes, I am a Shah Rukh Fan(Refer to the previous sentence ;))

Picture courtesy : The Odyssey Online

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