Five comfiest fashion trends to copy right now : Outfit ideas!

Okay! I agree! I am obsessed with bollywood. You can judge me but I can’t really help it! I followed the lIFA green carpet updates more closely than I actually track my online-shopping-packages. Like I already said, it is too late to stop now. But then who really cares. I am fan of the celebrity-airport-style and I honestly feel that airports are the best places to spot the latest trends, especially when it comes to comfortable clothing and sexiest eye-wear.

So here I am, jotting down the most wearable trends of the year.

Drousers : Yeah, the term does exist. And let me tell you it is the easiest trend to follow. And the best thing is, you get to wear the high slit dresses even before you get to the parlor for your monthly waxing routine. You are welcome, babe!

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Bra/Cami over shirt/tee/dress : My current obsession with this trend started when I saw Anushka Sharma wear the white shirt with a black camisole on the cover of a magazine. How cool is that! You need not even shell out a single rupee to wear this, right?

Buy it here :

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Mesh mess : The mesh maxi is a hot thing now. The best thing is you can keep mixing-n-matching the inner layer with the sheer outer layer and come up with different combinations. I would personally prefer a solid black mesh dress!

Shop here :

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Believe in your sleeve : Ruffles, tie-ups, flared, extra-long, puffed up or cut-out! Keep experimenting with the off shoulders and the gigantic sleeves! Believe me, your sleeves are going to take your entire outfit to the next level! The one-shoulder top/shirt/dress is going to be the hottest trend in the coming months for sure!

Shop here :

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Patch-it-up : Patchworks definitely give out boho/hippie vibes and we love that, don’t we? Add a few sequinned patches to your regular white tee or even your plain jeans and see the magic!

Shop at :

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Let us know if we missed your favorite trend! Happy shopping! Be fit, be fashionable and go travel the world!



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