Oakleaf : A hidden surprise.

I had a really bad pun ready for the title which goes. “When Oakleaf told us OK! Leave!” (oak leaf, ok leave) but then thankfully thought otherwise. Also, not many would understand my sarcasm. Moving on towards the main content of my article, Oakleaf. This side of the city has very few fine-dining places and it really is a matter of concern. We need more of such pretty looking, good food serving, apt for candle-light-dinner restaurants in this part of the city. Also, I loved the fact that unlike many other hotels, the restaurant is not situated next to the lobby or the entrance thereby reducing the hustle. The view from Oakleaf is beautiful, especially at night! I was floored totally as soon as I entered.

The new menu is quite comprehensive and the prices are quite just. As soon as we were seated, I scoured through the menu and couldn’t wait to fast forward through the starters and main-course and taste the desserts. But boy! Was I wrong! Every item was presented with such class and panache and impeccable taste that I was already full by the time the starters were laid in front of us.

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The tandoori prawns were smoked to perfection and aptly spiced. The lamb kebabs and toastadas were my second and third favorites, respectively.

The lasagna stole the show! I am a huge fan of bakes, any baked dish to be precise. Put in white sauce and a little meat and I’ll be willing to buy you a car maybe! Although it was a veg lasagna, I loved every bite of it! Malai kofta and the Zatar naan are something which I would order the next time I am there!

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Desserts  were amazing! The creme brule, cheesecake and the chocolate mousse were the show stoppers! They looked flawless and tasted even better! Hats Off to the chef for maintaining the taste and visual appeal at par. I want to go back and try their breakfast buffet soon. Huge thanks to Ritu for hosting the dinner!

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