Fall Fashion 2017 : What to buy?

I love sweater weather! There is so much to experiment with the color blocking and the layering and the velvets and the fur(synthetic of course) and yes, leather!

This year the fashionistas have made our life so much simpler with the term ‘luxe’! There’s  sport-luxe, indi-luxe, formal-luxe, suit-luxe, hippie-luxe, boho-luxe and the list goes on!  Winter, it is all about comfort and shine! So just glam it up, babydolls!

Here is a list of few basic trends of 2017!

Fringe: Remember Katrina in ‘zara zara touch me touch me’ song, Yes, that outfit is very much wearable, even today! Please don’t forget to wear a coat on top though!

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Fur: It is a plain common sense that wool and fur and cold are complementary. So that’s gonna keep trending till the temperatures keep dropping.

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Glitter: Sequins and glitter aren’t just meant for the red carpet anymore. Get those shiny cocktail dresses out for a spin whenever you head out 😉

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Velvet: Long long back in the 90’s, Bollywood heroines wore velvet, velvet and more velvet! Shein.com has an amazing collection of velvets! Just go check them out, like right now!

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Plaids and Reds: I can actually survive the entire winter with just flannel shirts and a leather jacket. Can’t you? This year, I have my eyes on a red Burberry trench coat dress and my life is gonna be just perfect!

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Formal Suits: Just get rid of the shirt and replace it with a sexy bralette and you can successfully transform your OOTD to OOTN!

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If you guys think that I missed something, please do let me know in comments! Keep it stylish!





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