Did you get #farzified yet? Farzi Cafe comes to Hyderabad : A Review

There are some restaurants you visit, which serve exceptionally good food and then there are places which serve you the most visually-appealing(might not be that delectable) food. Farzi Cafe is that one fine-dining place which combines the best of taste and presentation and serves it in front of you. I am just back from a tasting session and Wow! Was I impressed or was I Impressed?!

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Farzi served exactly what the name suggests, fake. In this case, we can say that Farzi Cafe serves their original recipes with concoctions of their own. Every dish is meticulously cooked to perfection and presented like an objet d’art. Though I have been on a strict diet, the entire last week. I decided to make an exception for Farzi as I had been hearing very good reviews from fellow foodies and the photos were tempting enough.

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Now coming to the food. We were first served an amuse-bouche(without a wine) amidst white smoke, to prepare for the journey ahead. Post that the mutton lukhmi was served on a mini truck and it could not have been better! The melt-in-the-mouth stuffing was nothing less than perfect. I liked the tandoori soya chops too though I am not a fan of soya much. I didn’t like the patthar ka gosht as I couldn’t taste the meat’s natural flavor. Among the vegetarian starters, my favorite was the soya chops and the paddu-yaki. The puffed barley salad was another favorite. People who say that healthy food cannot be tasty, need to taste the salads here!

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In main-course, I love love LOVED the paneer ghee roast which was served inside a black appam. The tandoori raan bao and Haleem risotto are exactly what gastronomic dreams are made of. Matka chole with luchi is a very simple fusion delight and it is served with aloo-bhaaja so I couldn’t be happier. I missed the desserts and can’t wait to go back and try them ASAP.

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Every single frame of Farzi Cafe, Hyderabad, is beautiful. I loved the outdoor seating area a tad bit more and I blame the swing for that. You can keep swinging while eating! How cool is that! We were seated immediately and a very polite Nani was our server for the day. The best thing about Farzi Cafe, Hyderabad, is the greenery. Hundreds of small plants adorn the wall in a symmetric way and it just looks so very pretty. Thank you Farzi Cafe for coming to Hyderabad and yes, you are wonderful!

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