Cheapest Hotels with Infinity Pools in India.

I learned to swim quite late in my life so I feel I need to make-up for all the time lost. And I am a sucker for infinity pools. There is a sense of peace and calmness around these pools. But again, the fickle person I am, I do love indoor, temperature controlled ones too. But that would be another post for some another day! Some of these places are on my bucket list and the rest is my personal recommendation. As I had already been researching about it, I thought of sharing the same.

  • Acron Waterfront, Goa: Big Yess for the jacuzzi and the Infinity pool! Also, it is temperature controlled! My Goa trip was amazing and majorly for Acron. Plus they serve excellent breakfast till 1 P.M! Can it ever get better than this? Also please do eat at Cyrus Todiwala’s The River Restaurant when you stay at Acron. It’s one of the best restaurants for Goan and Fusion food.


  • Kurumba Village Resort: Peaceful, green and relaxing. Kurumba has one of the best properties in Coonoor and the pool is mind-blowing, though cold!

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  • The Park Hyderabad: For me the Park, Hyderabad is more of a cosy staycation spot, but if you are travelling to Hyderabad anytime soon, get splashing around in the beautiful pool at Park. Also, Aqua, the pool-side lounge, serves amazing cocktails and food.


  • Grand Palace Hotel and Spa, Yercaud: Picture a beautiful green valley and blue clear sky.  Now, picture yourself dipped in water, viewing that green valley. That dreamy place from your imagination is the Grand Palace Hotel. Yercaud is a perfect little hill station in Tamil Nadu known for coffee plantations and spices! Just start planning, already!

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  • Umaid Haveli Hotel and Resort, Jaipur: Jao kabhi Haveli pe.. LOL! Jokes aside, Umaid Haveli is the most affordable resort with a beautiful pool in the pink city. This resort is highly recommended!

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  • Swissotel, Kolkata: Kolkata is one of those over-crowded cities, where even -staycations are a luxury. Swissotel has a very nice pool and the buffet spread is lust-worthy!

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  • The Leaf Resort, Munnar: Another super affordable, yet stunning resort on the list! Kerala is known as God’s own country for a reason, right? The pool looks so gorgeous that you just have to go to this place!


*Pic Courtesy: TripAdvisor and


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