An Ode to Mamas <3 <3

Mumma, you are doing it right.

Irrespective of all the fright.

Your days will soon be bright

You are your child’s love at first sight.

You and Daddy seemed to seldom fight

But now it seems like stop it never might.

At the end of the tunnel, there’s always light,

Mama, you are doing it right.


Your temper is at its peak height,

You have been struggling night after night,

I know it seems like life’s too hard and the knot is real tight,

There’s no colour, it’s just black and white,

There’s no one to sit and hear your plight.

But Mama, you are doing everything right.


You have to help yourself, be your own knight,

There’s no shining armour, there’s no sprite,

Sit down, take a deep breath and grab a bite,

Take a moment to sing, dance, read or write,

Sleepless nights are temporary, the worry not quite,

Mama, you are strong, motherhood is not a blight,

The romance will be back, the passion will ignite,

All you have to do is, be calm and be polite,

The changes to your body are huge but to your life are slight,

Just for a while, let your baby hog the limelight.

Ask for help, support and maybe an acolyte.

Mama, I promise you,

every thing’s going to be alright.

A little bit of patience and keep out the spite.

Mama, you are doing just right.



To watch the tiny tot grow up, will be a delight!

These moments will be your life’s highlight.

You’ll go back to being a socialite,

But as a Mom, you’ll still be the family’s wright,

They’ll grow up in a blink,

Move away and your house will be quiet,

Your life will change again, you’ll look for reasons to reunite,

They might accept to come home or deny outright,

They’ll still be your baby, they’ll be your pride.

You’ll long for these days, to hold him tight..

Mama, you did, you are doing and you’ll always do it right.

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