How to increase breast milk supply?

After my post on breastfeeding, I received a lot of DMs on how I was able to keep up the breast-milk supply to meet my baby’s demands. Honestly, when I look back at the last six months, I don’t think I did anything very different. I used to drink almost 5 litres of water every day and continue to do so and I still nurse him on demand. And those are the two most important things which helped me keep the milk production high. Here are some pointers which might help the would-be moms and new moms who need a milk-supply boost.
1. Nurse, nurse, nurse. Nurse more in the evening when your supply is less. If you supplement with a bottle, make sure you pump before you sleep at night, so that your body knows that your baby needs more milk. In the initial days, I fed him every hour! My back still pains but I think I was adamant to do so. Do this only if your body can take endure the hours of sitting with your baby latched on to you.
2. Drink plenty of water, probiotics and electrolytes like coconut water. Nothing helps in lactation more than water. Hydrate yourself.
3. On some days when I felt my supply was low, I used to have Lactonic Granules and Fenugreek(seeds/capsules). I am not sure if that helped or the hours I spent feeding him helped, but it did help me tide through the low supply days. Also oats and Sago. I still have oatmeal once a day.
4. Sleep, relax and just lie down. Take time off to watch a series or unwind whenever the baby sleeps.
5. Snuggle with your baby. Hold him whenever possible. I used to observe a spike in my supply when I used to doze off on the sofa, holding him. I don’t know the logic but it did make a lot of difference. My Doc sister says “Snuggling with your little one releases prolactin hormone from the brain which makes you secrete more milk. Nature has beautiful tricks and the human body is wonderful.”
6. Pump, pump, pump. Even if nothing comes out. Even if you have just fed him/her. Nothing tricks your body to produce more milk than pumping whenever you are not nursing.

I hope this helps. If you have anything more to ask, I am just a comment away!

PP.S:Don’t take it too hard on yourself. Stress is your foe. If it gets too difficult, please give the baby formula milk. It’s not a measure of how good a mom you are.

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