C-section over Normal Delivery?

Even though the world is against C-section delivery, I am glad I went for it. Right from the time I conceived, I was inclined towards a caesarean delivery. As they say, to each his own, my idea of childbirth just did not involve hours of labour. I was scared and just thought I couldn’t do it. However, that doesn’t mean that if everything would have been fine for normal delivery, I would have still chosen C-section. As I have already mentioned, my pregnancy was quite a smooth one with minor hiccups. Major thanks to Doctor Niraj of Rainbow Hospitals, Hyderabad, for being strong support. At the 16th week scan, I got to know that my placenta was quite low and in such cases, caesarean is the better option. We had already booked our tickets to Thailand for our Babymoon and I am so glad that we went ahead with it. Sometimes, I feel it’s all in our minds. If we keep thinking positive and that all will eventually turn out to be well, it does!

The Munchkin


So, I had my mind all set for an elective C-section. I was completely at ease throughout those eight months and actually glad that I didn’t have to imagine traumatic labour pains. Even when the doctor told that the fluid levels were high, I tried not to worry, It’s difficult not to be anxious when you are pregnant. And on top of it, the kick counters and monitoring of baby movements seem to drive us to the edge, sometimes. All thanks to Gilmore girls for helping me keep my cool. I was addicted to I was on observation for an entire week for elevated fluid levels. Once I got into the 37th week, I was emotionally and physically ready to pop that tiny human out. Those last few days fly by so soon! We decided on a Saturday to schedule the surgery on the next Monday morning. Not even for a second did I doubt my doctor. My placenta was still low and from whatever I had read online, it was better to get the baby out, in such cases. I was surprised to see myself all strong, composed and so ready! Just before I entered the OT, I saw my mother and my mother-in-law break into tears and I kept that smile on! As soon as I was wheeled into the OT, the anaesthetist administered Epidural and that’s it. It’s such a weird feeling to feel everything that’s happening to your body, but the pain. I looked up after a while to see my husband smile at me. I don’t remember exactly but in a few moments, he arrived! I still remember that exact moment, clearly. There are some moments which are etched so clearly in our memory, however, drugged we are and this was definitely going to top the list. Later we came to know that the umbilical cord had three knots and it would have been dangerous, had I waited or given birth normally. As they say, all’s well that ends well! Also, I believe mothers should always trust their gut feeling!

But this was just the beginning.. The post-surgery experience to follow…


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