The Junior’s Fashion Week was recently held in Hyderabad and I am still suffering from a fashion hangover! I was one of the Bloggers covering the event, officially. I was so impressed with the entire execution of the event, that I couldn’t help myself from spamming my social media with numerous photos and videos. Seeing all the tiny tots strut it down the ramp, confidently, comfortably wearing the best of clothes from U. S. Polo Assn. Kids, Flying Machine BoyzoneThe Children’s Place, Billieblush, TimberlandLittle Marc JacobsDKNYHugo BOSS left me speechless. Now I can just imagine the mammoth amount of effort that was put in by everybody, especially the kids and their parents.


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Junior’s Fashion Week is a world-class stage for children. It features an elite range of children’s attire, footwear, accessories and everything else for children between four to fourteen years. The final showcase is generally preceded by prepping workshops that incorporate ramp walk training, the social etiquette coaching, proficient photo-shoot sessions, confidence building sessions and teamwork preparation and it shows. The JFW workshops are graced by prestigious show directors whose lessons furnish the little ones with a fun-filled encounter to attack the children’s fashion industry by preparing their characters and acclimatizing their excitement towards flawlessness. The workshops help the aspiring child models with the information and solace to walk the ramp with confidence and face the camera with absolute apathy.


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The kids were well cared for and looked happy and confident and so so comfortable in front of the camera. They walked, they danced, they skated and looked completely at ease. There were some moments on stage which were absolutely so endearing that I’ll remember them for days to come, especially when an older sister held the little one’s hand while they walked together. The kids wore the best of clothes from well-known brands, from their Autumn-Winter ’19 range.

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The main event also stands to be an edutainment platform for the little ones who anticipate a fashion adept environment and experience the thrill of walking on the runway as a child model. It prepares them to face the world of glamour, from a very nascent stage. JFW is the Holy Grail for the young & the beautiful. Each season JFW puts forward the trend forecasts of the upcoming season established brands and sprouting brands that are persistent with kids’ fashion and way of lifestyle. JFW grasps the claim to fame of individual partners and associates with the contending audiences comparatively. Each brand’s needs are novel and JFW reciprocates to their requirements in a very clear and concise manner.
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JFW appropriately showcased the best and the most prolific trends of the coming season with great enthusiasm at the JFW Hyderabad show off. The Runway Showcase took place on the 25th of August 2019, preceded by the workshop on 24th August at The Sheraton, Hyderabad. The glorious JFW Runway Showcase left the audience enthralled for many many days to come. The attendees stood witness to the sensational Autumn-Winter’19 collection of global kidswear brands.
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The best thing about the main event was that it was a completely parent-driven one where there was no competition among the children or a feeling of rejection. Except one or two of the little guys, all the others seemed to be very interested in what they were doing and enjoyed the attention. It was beautiful to see that there was no bias on stage based on their age or colour or size. Every single kid and teenager out there, on the stage, knew that they are beautiful. Kudos to Junior’s Fashion Week team for making the event flawless and taking such good care of the participants!



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