A poem for my son on his 1st Birthday!

My dearest son as you turn one,
Let me tell you something,
You light up my world like the shining sun,
You don’t know how much joy you bring.
For you, the world changed,
The day you were born,
From the warmth and comfort of the womb.
To the world you now adorn.
The first time I saw you,
My heart skipped a beat,
The cutest tiny human being,
Whom we couldn’t wait to meet.

The eight months had passed too soon,
You were the best baby to reside
In my womb and in my heart,
You were so comfortable inside.
Your world changed in a matter of seconds,
I do understand now,
How difficult it must have been for you,
When I complained about feeling like a cow.
You clung on, for days and months,
Cause you knew just me,
The sound of my heartbeat is all you needed,
even when you couldn’t see.
The sleep deprivation caught on to me,
And it kept going downhill,
Sad and angry, depressed and broken,
But I loved you fiercely, still.
Yes, motherhood is difficult,
It’s tiring, hard and taxing,
Backbreaking at times and gruelling
But in the end, so very fulfilling.

Now, the best part of the day
Is to watch you play
Or dance and sing
Or basically, do anything!
I love you my son and I am sorry too,
For all the times I got mad at you.
Please remember no matter where you are,
I will always protect you from near or far.

With your dad as your guiding star,
You will always be on our radar. 

-With Love from Ma n Pa.

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