Versatility at it’s best : Palm Oil

I believe in balance. Especially after becoming a mother and constantly juggling between household chores and the baby and an office. Even when it comes to our diet, we try to attain a balance in all our meals. Balanced-diet as they call it. From the salt, we eat to the sugar, micro-nutrients and the macro-nutrients and also the oil we use. Everything needs to be in moderation.

On the 10th of January, I was invited to be a part of a spectacular event hosted by the Malaysian Palm Oil Council at Smoky Pitara, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Ms Bhavna Shah, who is the Country Representative of the brand in India and Sri Lanka, elaborated on the virtues of the hugely popular vegetable oil, which also happens to be the most-consumed cooking oil, in both these countries. She clearly explained to us the process of the creation of palm oil and the benefits. It is made out of the fruit of palm tree. There are two kinds of the same oil, one made out of the fleshy part of the fruit and one from the seed.

Bhavna Shah sharing her views

Palm oil is widely used in our chocolates, soaps, cosmetics, washing powders and more! Also, did you know that palm oil has a high heat tolerance and unlike olive oil, it doesn’t alter the taste of food? It is low on cholesterol and it is the most popular edible fat, used extensively all over the world! Thank you Bhavna for enlightening us about the multiple benefits of the palm oil. It’s even less saturated than butter and contains no trans fat.

Now coming back to the fun part of the event. After the presentation was over, there were some amazing games, read food hunt and blind tasting sessions, lined up. The food hunt started at 10 Asia Kitchen where we made ice-cream sundaes using Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, vanilla ice-cream and hide and seek biscuits. All of these ingredients have palm oil in them and we weren’t aware of it. We clearly read the ingredients and were pleasantly surprised.  I personally did not know that palm oil was so extensively used. Next at Tiki Shack, we were quizzed about palm oil and it’s benefits. The famous Asian restaurant. Urban Asia, graciously hosted the salad making competition. We used palm oil for dressing and I loved how it tasted. Unlike olive oil. palm oik doesn’t have a strong flavour or smell and that just makes it blend well with all the ingredients. It ended at Eat India Company with the most difficult game of the century, the blind food tasting! The best thing about all the food served across these many restaurants was that they were all cooked in palm oil. Every dish tasted lip-smackingly delicious! I can vouch for the fact that palm oil is one of the most versatile oils I have used in my cooking, to date.

We ended with a round of Bollywood dialogue delivery and we all tried imitating our favourite characters from the silver screen. I am happy to report that we might have SRKs and Katrinas in making, right here in Hyderabad.

I am glad that I was invited to be apart of this fun event. I realise that every oil has its benefits and we should be regularly changing and mixing it up to absorb nutrients from a variety of them. I have proudly added a bottle of palm oil to my pantry.

Thanks to the organisers for pulling this massive event off with so many bloggers, under one roof, or rather five roofs 😉

Please visit their website on for more information.

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